The Serenity Room

Moving into my home and deciding where to place my furniture and things I soon realized there was one room in particular in which I felt especially calm. I aptly christened the room the Serenity Room.  It easily could’ve been just another room.  I carefully selected what I allowed in the room: the furniture, books, lamp, chair, and artwork.

I was, and still am, protective of the space, wanting to maintain the feeling it offers: peace, calm, a place of reflection and serenity.  I’ve spent innumerable hours in my Serenity Room, in times of distress and times of gratitude.  Although I may still be finding my way through life’s twists and turns when I leave the Serenity Room I have a sense of tranquility and renewed hope.

The energy grounds me in my spiritual truth.  I welcome my friends and Boomer Sisters to find solace in my Serenity Room, and encourage them to create their own.

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