The Journey

Life is a journey. It can be smooth sailing, peaceful, quiet or as rough as 50 foot seas and flailing winds that can take or leave you anywhere. Life is full of happy moments but just as many if not more, countless learning moments that require much more emotion and effort to get through. 

Whether it is your past many years ago or just last week, as you move forward in life you are constantly being molded based on the experiences you have. No one person is emotionally, mentally, and intellectually stagnant.

We as human beings are dynamic and ever changing. Our attitudes towards life in general are shaped depending on where we have been. That is why it is impossible to understand a person inside and out because our own personal journey is unique to us as individuals and are not like any other. “Not everyone will understand your journey” and that’s okay because “It’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s yours.”

The journey of life makes each one of us special and singular when compared to another.  Life is a dance so learn as you go and love every moment of it.

Know that it is okay to stop and ask for directions as you pave your path through life.  To make more of your existence, don’t make life about a series of destinations; make it a long journey of experiences you can enjoy, even through all of your trials and tribulations.

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