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Submission guidelines

Want to be a part of the Boomerang Sisterhood digital tribe? is a digital publication focusing on boomers. Our aim is to connect our boomer women audience with stories, amazing photographs, and articles, that capture the journey so many of us have experienced.

Boomerang Sisterhood passionately believes in our tribal core values:

  1. Create a wow experience
  2. Embrace and create change
  3. Create fun and be a little outrageous
  4. Be passionate, open-minded and learning based
  5. Be impeccable with our word
  6. Build a positive tribal spirit
  7. Be authentic and determined
  8. Be humble
  9. Be a disciplined leader in all aspects of our lives
  10. And understand our tribe is built on spiritual law

What We’re Looking For


We are in search of original narratives focusing on adventures and wonder that boomer women have shared for decades.

Submitted work can be about simple acts of kindness, life lessons, or humorous experiences. Life lessons that share a souls journey are powerful to the reader.

Written submissions may include a photograph or we may pair with someone who chooses to only submit photography.


Submissions are to capture the very spirit we have shared as boomers. They should depict simple moments, bits of romance, or dark nights of the soul.

Picture submissions may be featured throughout the site and may be paired with a narrative.

It is our goal to provide a platform to showcase creative talent of our generation. Your name and contact information will be posted on the site.

To arrange a confidential conversation or to answer any of your questions fill out the form and we’ll get back to you.

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