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Many devastated families will be returning to their home in the days and weeks to come. As they are waiting to deal with the destruction, we are creating groups of volunteers to bring refrigerators to Houston. Great friends and neighbors from Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Arkansas are coming together in this initiative.

Whether you can help make calls, drive a truck, pay for gas, or donate toward the purchase, your help will make a difference. Every house will forever have a Harvey story and the refrigerators that you make possible will help each family began a new chapter. We want every family to know who made this possible, and every donor will be provided with the information to connect with the families that they helped.

Watching while so many families were evacuating their homes tugged at our heartstrings. Seeing people looking back with tears in their eyes as the boats drove them from their home full of memories and dreams was painful to watch. Although my home was not affected my two grandchildren and daughter were rescued in kayaks.

Why refrigerators… I believe in our culture some of the best memories are made around the kitchen table. Some of the most important family decisions and many times difficult conversations happen when a family comes together at mealtime. 

Refrigerators play an important role in the families supporting cast.

Nourishing food on the inside and photos and notes of love on the door.  It seems the natural thing to do.

Learn more by visiting their website: Houston Refrigerator Relief

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