Boomerang Sisterhood


we travel. we connect. we share.

We are a tribe of boomer women who have been feisty trailblazers our entire lives. We have turned up the volume, been a little outrageous and at times a little mischievous. Through tears and triumph our power has been in our sisterhood. In our troubled world and personal challenges there is a place where fun and truth reign.

Why Women Need a Tribe

This is the Power of Sisterhood! A Harvard study has shown that women who have close female friendships are staying healthier and happier as they age.

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Listen To The Music

I remember when I first realized music made me dance on the inside. A sixteen-year-old, sitting in my lavender bedroom, feeling a little sad about a recent breakup. My radio on and just hoping a sad song would be played to add drama to the moment. Instead, Twist and Shout by the Beatles ...

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The Wonder of Ajijic

Mexico has been a favorite playground for Texans for decades. I have had more than my share of margaritas and have enjoyed some of the greatest mariachi music in the world. For me, Mexico always makes me think non-stop fun and beautiful beaches. When my brother, who has retired in Ajijic, invited me ...

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Learn and Adapt

In the great unfolding of our lives the opportunity to learn and adapt is ever-present.  As we embrace our vulnerability the nuances of our uniqueness unveils our truth and we become.  We become real.   Music To Inspire You Listen Now!

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Your Life is Your Story

As I write my story, my life, I am mindful of the words I use. I choose to write with color, intention, reflection, and sprinkles of whimsy, to create a meaningful and memorable experience. “Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.” Music To Inspire You Listen Now! ...

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Hearing and Being Heard

Dame Rebecca West, a British author, once said “There is no such thing as conversation. It is an illusion. There are intersecting monologues, that is all.” I believe there is an art to hearing and being heard.  To actively listen yet quiet our mind and release the impulse to interject our thoughts, our ...

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Comfort in Our Daily Lives

There is comfort in the routine of our daily lives.  It provides the opportunity to walk through the day maneuvering the great and small with familiar landmarks along the way. The people and places that guide us, center us, and bring our awareness to some of the things we value most:  kindness, gratitude, ...

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The Serenity Room

Moving into my home and deciding where to place my furniture and things I soon realized there was one room in particular in which I felt especially calm. I aptly christened the room the Serenity Room.  It easily could’ve been just another room.  I carefully selected what I allowed in the room: the ...

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Dancing Queen

I stood in the small chapel, waiting for the first glimpse of my lifelong friend. We grew up together, sharing our deepest thoughts, hopes and dreams, from playground to prom. As our lives unfolded the time we were able to spend together was the typical tale of good intentions, hectic schedules and cancelled ...

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Wild Women Creed

We know one when we see one. A splash of vibrant color in a sea of gray. Soft and delicate yet somehow bold and strong. Lovely, unique, and resilient enough to bloom serendipitously. Untamed. Free. In a crowded room they are the first person we spy. Our eyes are drawn to them. A kindred ...

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The Journey

Life is a journey. It can be smooth sailing, peaceful, quiet or as rough as 50 foot seas and flailing winds that can take or leave you anywhere. Life is full of happy moments but just as many if not more, countless learning moments that require much more emotion and effort to get ...

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Carol Peyton Young
Carol Peyton Young
Sometimes, on dark days, I think…”nobody cares and nobody’s coming.” Then I remember who sends thoughts like that…and I straighten my tiara.
Isabel (Izzy) Dove
Isabel (Izzy) Dove
I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck.
Sarge Peyton Young
Sarge Peyton Young
Tiaras and flowers in your hair are wonderful. As for me, I’m happy to wear my graduation cap. For now.